I am teaching a raw food class again!!

At this amazing Wellness Center !

Which is  located at

2002 Pennwood Dr.,  Melbourne, FL 32901

Thursday , January 18 at 5:30 PM !

I have known Dr. Laura for almost 15  years, first meeting her at a health fair at a local health food store. She was doing free 5 minute massages and helped relieve a lot of pain in  my lower back in that short time! I was convinced of my need to enlist her massage services for my back and continued for years as a preventative. But she is such a good acupuncture doctor , that she no longer has time to do massage! Check out all the positive reviews on her Facebook page of the same name!

Now she has a massage therapist working in her center, and I should say , she has a wellness center now! ( just established this past year) . She not only offers acupuncture and massage, but also health coaching, Bach Flower remedies, many other natural health products and a number of classes in the evenings. ..like my Introduction to Raw Food class coming up next week!

Here is the official description of the class:

Raw fruits and vegetables are a part of many credible diets! Why is that, and how do we eat more raw food? Does eating raw food sound like eating carrots and celery sticks and salad? There is such a greater variety of raw foods available to eat than salads and veggie sticks!
This class will give you an overview of why raw foods are so beneficial to our health, how you can eat a great variety when eating more, or all, raw. This class will also provide a few delicious recipes and a demonstration of how to make them and then the opportunity to taste them!

And it is free!

Come check out Dr. Laura’s amazing new wellness center , meet her ( she is looking forward to attending this  class!) , get inspired in healthy eating, take home some recipes and AND taste some delicious raw food!!

Please call the office and register so that they will have enough chairs in place for you ( and I will have enough handouts and FOOD for you! )

Have a blessed and healthy week!!



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