Natural Flu Relief


Healthy and Natural Tips for Combating the Flu.
While I am not sure I agree with the level of fear-mongering I’m witnessing in the media concerning this flu season, I do know, if you are one of the ones who have it …. you’re sure that the Black Plague has returned.

So begins my friend’s post that is so informative that I asked her if I could share it here for you to see, in case you or someone you love may need it! Of course, eating plenty of His whole foods can help your immune system keep away the flu, combining that with colloidal silver would give you even greater odds of not getting it! Our Loving Father gave her a keen interest in the production of colloidal silver over 9 years ago because of it’s amazing healing properties. That interest grew into the desire to provide a high quality , affordable product available to all! She has sold it locally for years, and now has a  website with amazing products that contain colloidal silver available to the world! She also puts up great information and studies on colloidal silver on her Facebook page where this post originated. Now back to her enlightening article!

fly plague

Modern medicine has yet to come up with anything to get rid of a cold or flu once its started, intervention with nano-particle silver can bring substantial relief and help to shorten the duration.

vital silver final


Or course, the best defense is a great offense, so daily use of Vital Silver fortifies the immune system, and keeps it up and running. But, with our bodies constantly under attack on many fronts, from the chemicals we are exposed to daily, to the new and ‘improved’ viral bugs and germs, or just the pace of our busy lifestyles, there are times when we just are not feeling well.

When I am ill, I battle on all fronts! I hate not feeling well. So, here are a few the tricks that I use for a quick(er) recovery.


A little Vital Silver in a cool mist vaporizer or humidifier will disperse the nano-particle silver in the air, and often bring relief for your airways, lungs, and nasal passages. Additionally, it will help kill germs and viruses on surfaces reducing the possibility of others in your household becoming ill.

I simply add as little as few ounces to the vaporizer/humidifier’s holding tank, or more if you prefer, for the first layer of defense.

Secondly, I take 1 teaspoon every 1/2 hour to maintain an effective level of Vital Silver in my system. I keep it keep it under my tongue for a minute, where the colloidal silver is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and immediately begins to fight the nasty invaders.

Some folks take as much as 4 ounces the first day ‘of battle’, spaced throughout the day, and then begin to taper off as the symptoms lessen. I’ve taken 4 ounces of Vital Silver spaced throughout the day for several days when battling a severe case of the flu with absolutely no side-effects. If you do begin to feel worse, taper off just a little (but don’t stop), often times this reaction is simply your body ridding itself of the toxins.

Reportedly, mixing a little whiskey, vodka, or red wine with colloidal silver will break through the fatty cell of the lipid (fat-encased) virus. Mixing equal parts Vital Silver with one of these, while adding a little fresh lime or lemon juice works quite well. A modern twist on the ‘old-timey’ cure…the Hot Toddy ~ see being sick has its upside! And, oh darn, you need to take a teaspoon every five to ten minutes for a couple of hours, or until you feel like you may be turning the corner on the infection. Also, as soon as you feel you caught something — give this a try and and the cold or influenza will usually be gone in a matter of hours.

Additionally, I frequently use Vital Defense Dropper in my ears, the Silver Sinus Relief for my nasal passages, and the Vital Silver Mister for my eyes. All of these bring a measure of relief from the symptoms while attacking any new critters that may be developing.

Like I said, I rally the troops on all fronts. “-)                   by Jennifer Hickman

jenn silver

 I have known Jennifer for a very long time. As I mentioned above, she has spent many years learning about and making colloidal silver. I believe her information compliments mine. Although I would say to eat healthy to prevent the flu, and other ailments, and that does work often,  there are also  toxins in our environment (beyond our control) that can drastically affect our body’s immune system. I am grateful that He has given her this passion to bring us an affordable healing product!

Here is the beginning of another interesting blog on her Facebook page:

Recently, reports are coming to the forefront stating that effectiveness of 2018 flu vaccine is at best 30% and at the worse only 10%. An article in the New England Journal Of Medicine reported that , “according to the Australian Government Department of Health… (the) preliminary estimate of vaccine effectiveness against influenza A (H3N2) was only 10%. The implications for the Northern Hemisphere are…see the rest of this awesome blog post on Jennifer’s Facebook page  here 

May you have a very healthy, flu-free week!

Teresa McKessey

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