Spiritual Epiphany leads to better health!

One man’s story of going from a spiritual epiphany to better lifestyle choices that led to improved health!

My journey began two years ago. Most of my life I always thought I was a relatively healthy person but for about 10 years I was just eating whatever. I ate junk food, sweets, fast food, pork, processed foods, etc without even giving it much thought…I basically just let myself go. I never gave much thought to what I was putting in my body or having a clear conscious of how it got on my plate. All I saw was the end product and unfortunately it was usually always out of a box or take out bag. Two years ago I had a spiritual epiphany and I surrendered myself back to God and Christ. I had been living a very unhealthy lifestyle, not just in diet but it spirit too. When I let it all go and gave it all to Him I started to think, “what’s next?” I honestly kicked the devils! But after beating myself up, and my body, for over a decade, I still was yearning for something more. I asked myself, “What else can I do to improve my way of life, the quality of my life?” The more and more I started to read and educate myself, the more conscious I became in knowing just exactly what I was putting in my body and what is being put in our foods. I started to see how much cruelty, suffering, and pain was inflicted on animals produced for meat, and their poor treatment and living conditions.

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As I dug deeper I realized it wasn’t just solely about animals rights and compassion. I discovered there’s more to this transformation and way of life. I read how the overproduction of animals is not good for our environment, how all the grain that is used to feed factory farmed animals is GMO’d and how that same grain can be used to feed the starving people in the world times over. I uncovered the lies we have been told our whole lives and how these huge companies and sponsors profit off our own ignorance and the inhumane treatment of life. The more and more I became aware, the more I felt like pushing myself. I decided to stand up and take a stance! I no longer wanted to be a part or , or associated with,  the exploitation of animals and be controlled by the same groups that could care less.

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For a spiritual stance, it made perfect sense to me as well,that the original plants, herbs, and seeds that God put on this earth in the Garden of Eden where for us to eat. I was like, “there’s no mention of eating animals in the Garden?” Food,  in it’s most organic state,  without any tampering from man or genetically modified foods created in a laboratory,  is the key to vitality and nutrition.

hwf garden

I started by giving up everything I knew that was bad for me. It definitely was an evolution of sorts. At the beginning I weighed 172lbs at 5’5” and I was pushing a 36” waist. More importantly I felt unhappy with my body and how I felt everyday. I decided I would try to go vegetarian so I gave up all meats except eggs. I was still eating cheeses, some dairy, but definitely no junk. After 6 months I was down to around 156lbs or so and feeling much better but I still wasn’t satisfied in my heart. That’s when I decided that it was time to change this “diet” into a way of life. I ditched all the animal byproducts and went vegan. I am mainly a raw vegan adhering from anything processed but occasionally I’ll have some vegan cheats.

hwf vegan

After I went vegan I continued to gradually lose weight and feel healthier. I currently weigh 138lbs and have a 29” waist. My endurance increased, all the worts I had on my hands vanished, I never got headaches, my complexion cleared up and all sorts of wonderful things started to happen to me. Most importantly, I woke up every morning knowing in my heart that I could live my life without ANY suffering to ANY living thing on earth. I could save on deforestation, water conservation, CO2 emissions, and prevent so many preventable diseases and potentially prevent and reverse cancer. It’s such an empowering feeling and it feels well with my soul ☺️.

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I wouldn’t change it for the world and my hope honestly is for people to educate themselves and start looking at what exactly we are doing to ourselves and others. How are we contributing or making an effort to try to be the change we want to see in the world? For me, it’s ultimate compassion and having a clear consciousness. So that’s my testimony. Sorry it was a bit long winded but I hope someone got something out of it? Remember, your body is a temple and health is wealth my brothers and sisters. Have a great and blessed day!

Thank you,

Beau Shanks

Thank you Beau for sharing this testimony for others to learn from !

May everyone reading this have a wonderful and blessed week!

Teresa McKessey

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