Mercury Poisoning?

I am not one ot run to the doctor when things do not seem right

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With all of the toxins in our environment, cleaning and hygiene products, and foods it is very likely that we have a high level of heavy metals in our bodies.  This is so true that the first thing a good natural health doctor will test for is heavy metals, since almost everyone has them and they interfere so strongly with bodily functions. And they believe we should probably do a heavy metal detox every 6 months because they are so prevalent.

I am not one to run to a doctor, not even my natural health doctor, when things do not seem quite right with me. I will pray, believe and self-evaluate what I have eaten or done to myself to arrive at that state, and just keep moving on. Usually I get better doing that.  But not this one time. Although I had done all of the above, I came to realize that several months had passed in which  I was feeling so lethargic, body and mind, and I could do nothing to change it. I finally remembered that several months prior a tooth full of mercury had broken and it had taken several days to get into the dentist to have it fixed. Could that have been it? I made an appointment with my natural doctor. He determined that I did indeed have mercury poisoning. I took a 3-part homeopathic remedy that worked! I got my mental and physical energy back!

But honestly, I could have had a mild mercury poisoning for a while and kept it at bay with my healthy life style. Mercury fillings have been proven to release mercury into the mouth every time we chew. It just got full blown when so much was exposed.

Heavy metal poisoning can affect every part of the body, allowing many different diseases to occur in the weakened state.  There are many different heavy metals that can get in our bodies and cause these imbalances, not just mercury, each having its own unique affect.  They can even interfere with the benefits people are hoping for in the supplements they take or the healthy foods they eat.

Professionals have found cleansing heavy metals to be the first crucial step in bringing healing to the body, and recommend one every 6 months because of the availability of toxins. I found the cleanse helpful,  maybe a heavy metal cleanse could benefit you!

  Teresa McKessey

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