From Inner City to Wellness Advocate


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My name is Jason Moore. I was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica. I grew up in the inner city where it was very easy to be exposed to a lifestyle that could have caused me to become a menace to myself and society. But introduction to Christ at age eleven allowed me a new and safe course on life’s journey. Fortunately , the church that I became involved with caters to the whole man. The focus is for man to be healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. As I have adhered to these principles as best as possible,  I have realized that life took a turn for me in a very positive sense. My learnt faith from childhood provided me with a GPS system for life.

Jason family
Jason and his beautiful family in Jamaica

I was inspired by the Lord to start this ministry in Jamaica because many are suffering in all faculties of life and need this true method of healing. Eden Gospel Workers Ministry seeks to cater to the whole man as Jesus did while he walked this earth. Whenever he healed anyone their whole being was healed. As the example in John 5:7-9:

true healing

When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole? The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me. Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk. [9] And immediately the man was made whole, and took up his bed, and walked: and on the same day was the sabbath.  Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

Jason with his family and dedicated gospel worker ministers!

Any ministry or church that follows Jesus must also use His method for healing, as one writer said: “Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, “Follow Me.”  

Finding a church that follows this method has been the greatest blessing in my life. Our aim as a ministry is to make Jesus’ method available to all through teaching and practical demonstration of what true healing is all about.

We see our duty for ministering as an urgent one because the right method is scarcely known and hardly used by many, especially those that are trusted to provide healing. We therefore seek help to demonstrate holistic healing.

This is where  wellness care is already being provided. Here is where out first wellness center will  be built.

Our long term goal is  to setup wellness centers, hygienic vegetarian restaurants and health food stores in strategic areas in Jamaica. These facilities, like a light house,  will help many to come to the reality of true health and healing. Our first endeavor is to set up a wellness center, to better facilitate the work we have already started in teaching people these principles. We welcome any assistance in making  this dream a reality.

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A web site for their ministry has been built while Jason has been in the States. This is a shot of the home page of that site. Click on it to go to their website .

Come hear Jason speak at one ( or both ) of the following two events that we are cohosting. All proceeds will go towards the building of that first wellness center in a poorer area of Jamaica!

natural approach
2022 Pennwood Dr., Melbourne
Aug. 30 , 5:30 PM – 7:00 pm
J and T

International Speakers Teresa McKessey of Melbourne, Fl and Jason Moore of Eden Hill, St. Mary , Jamaica, will be sharing life changing principles using the Bible and science, each in their unique way. Come learn how you can apply Biblical principles on living in today’s world. There will also be 2 food preparations and tasting.
Cost : $20 at the door , preregistration is $16 online  at .  or in person at event location by Tues., 8/29.

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Click on this picture to go to special event page mentioned with more information!






Mercury Poisoning?

I am not one ot run to the doctor when things do not seem right

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With all of the toxins in our environment, cleaning and hygiene products, and foods it is very likely that we have a high level of heavy metals in our bodies.  This is so true that the first thing a good natural health doctor will test for is heavy metals, since almost everyone has them and they interfere so strongly with bodily functions. And they believe we should probably do a heavy metal detox every 6 months because they are so prevalent.

I am not one to run to a doctor, not even my natural health doctor, when things do not seem quite right with me. I will pray, believe and self-evaluate what I have eaten or done to myself to arrive at that state, and just keep moving on. Usually I get better doing that.  But not this one time. Although I had done all of the above, I came to realize that several months had passed in which  I was feeling so lethargic, body and mind, and I could do nothing to change it. I finally remembered that several months prior a tooth full of mercury had broken and it had taken several days to get into the dentist to have it fixed. Could that have been it? I made an appointment with my natural doctor. He determined that I did indeed have mercury poisoning. I took a 3-part homeopathic remedy that worked! I got my mental and physical energy back!

But honestly, I could have had a mild mercury poisoning for a while and kept it at bay with my healthy life style. Mercury fillings have been proven to release mercury into the mouth every time we chew. It just got full blown when so much was exposed.

Heavy metal poisoning can affect every part of the body, allowing many different diseases to occur in the weakened state.  There are many different heavy metals that can get in our bodies and cause these imbalances, not just mercury, each having its own unique affect.  They can even interfere with the benefits people are hoping for in the supplements they take or the healthy foods they eat.

Professionals have found cleansing heavy metals to be the first crucial step in bringing healing to the body, and recommend one every 6 months because of the availability of toxins. I found the cleanse helpful,  maybe a heavy metal cleanse could benefit you!

  Teresa McKessey

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Toxic Summary

09/12/18  Update: to learn more about this important topic, and take home some DIY products to start using immediately, come to my event on the 20th on this same topic! CLICK HERE to learn more details About this class!
Did you know that there are many toxins lurking in our environment that often reek more havoc on our health than the bacteria so many are afraid of? Yes, man-made toxins are much more detrimental to our health than most of God-made bacteria! Please just think about that for a moment.

HWF toxins.jpgHWF more good bact

Perhaps you think this statement is an exaggeration, but here is a quote from a world-renowned leprosy doctor and hand surgeon who served as a missionary in India for decades and then served in the US his later years, he knew well about germs.

“The quantities of bacteria viewed through microscopes so overwhelmed scientists that subsequent generations have lived in vivid awareness of “germs.” Astute promoters market disinfectants to sterilize our environment, but too often the germ-killer, merely a cell-killer, also destroys the body’s good cells. Today we need better publicity for our bodies defenses and perhaps less fear of germs- the average American household is in more danger from chemical germ-killers than from germs. I prefer to leave the battle to my own cells.” 1

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In this world where so much has been changed from how it was when He placed us in the garden to live, it is beneficial to us to have information so readily available to us today!  Man’s sin has really distorted His intentions for us. Imagine, we were supposed to be in a garden of fresh air, sunshine, lovely smells of various flowers blossoming, eating organic food right off the tree or bush! While we can certainly not return to this, we can learn form it and try to live closer to that reality that He declared “ very good” 2.  We know that food products can be toxic, but what many are not aware of is the TOXINS that were not there in the garden, toxins in the air and  products that we use. The quote above only touches on the antibacterial products available to us, there are plenty others.   I could not possibly inform you of all of the toxins lurking in these places, but I can give you a summary. Then if you are interested, you can know what to start looking for  to learn more details.

HWF researing

First, let’s look at what problems toxins can cause. I am giving you a list  of the health problems that the variety of toxins can cause us.

Neurological                                           gastrointestinal

kidney                                                   bone marrow toxicity

headaches                                            neurodevelopmental

defects                                               low back pain

weakness                                           fatigue

tremors                                                accumulation in fat tissue

cough                                                   disrupt endocrine system

disrupt immune system                    cancer

disrupt reproductive system           neurobehavioral toxicity

sore throat                                           hallucinations

itchy eyes                                              nosebleeds

Asthma                                                  allergies

lung problems                                     organ failure

developmental problems                 skin

brain function                                    digestion problems

irritations                                             rashes

Liver                                                      heart

Besides this list, toxins can disguise a health issue with this variety of symptoms. That is why good natural health doctors will test for toxins first, because quite often after helping their patient eliminate toxins from their body, the symptoms are gone! Without first detoxing, symptoms can be treated without success because of the toxic interference and masking.

Second, let’s look at where these toxins are coming from.

The simple answer is they are in many commonly used products, even “foods”, in our country. Not every type of the products listed below is toxic, but at least some, if not all , are.  There is not space in this article to list them all, but if you would like to see details, has pages of research on the toxins in products. As an overview though, and a place to start your research,  I give you this list.

Shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, antiperspirants, lotions, soaps,  and most other personal care products, including cosmetics ( which is why Danna  turned to Arbonne products when she recovered from Leukemia, to read  her testimony on a prior blog post , click here)

Disinfectants, deodorizers, “air fresheners”, all types of cleaning products, bleach, laundry products , antibacterial products, over 250 common medications, cookware, kitchen utensils, dyes, preservative, insecticides, pigments, adhesives, cigarette smoke and cigarettes, air pollution, gasoline, dental fillings and crowns, jewelry, paints, car exhaust, hair dyes, water supply, vaccinations, nail polish remover, paint thinner, dry cleaned clothing , new building materials, carpets, herbicides , fungicides, most any chemical product, most any “good smelling” product , even some “natural” ones, fake essential oils,

wine, shellfish, poor inorganic supplements in food, canned food, packaged foods, processed foods

These lists may seem overwhelming to you. I assure you ,  the toxins they are providing your body is overwhelming to your body’s good health!

How many times have we said so and so was healthy and then all of a sudden… It was not all of a sudden! It took time for toxins to build up in the body, causing problems that finally became noticeable.  It does not have to be overwhelming though with the following information. Here are some practical tips to simply your life and reduce your toxic burden.

  • Eat mostly fresh plant foods, and lots raw!  ( His whole foods! as close to how He gave them to us as possible!)
  • Rethink some of the things you use as essential. Maybe you do not really “need” them!
  • Read :      Frugal Natural Cleaning Tips and the Dangerous War on Bacteria!       Which is a 6 page report that addresses both our industry driven mindset and practical tips and recipes on nontoxic cleaning !
  • Do natural DIY searches for making your own personal care products and other products you see on this list  OR search out truly nontoxic ones to buy and use ( like Danna’s Arbonne cosmetics, and the item I will be introducing to you next week)
  • Simplify and reduce your toxic burden!
  • Remember you are not alone:
  • HWF I can

1In the Likeness of God  by Dr. Paul Brand  p. 34

2 Genesis 1:31

Have a wonderful, blessed, toxic free week!

Teresa McKessey

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Is it really that hard to eat healthy series, part 1

Is it really hard to eat healthy? I wrote most of this blog after I posted this humorous video several months ago on my Facebook page, His whole foods. A nutritionist keeps bursting into a home telling a couple not to eat their Standard American Diet (SAD) breakfast, coming back every 5 years or so with “new “information”, each time contradicting or changing what he had said 5 years prior. ”. I countered the eye catching title “This is why eating healthy is hard” when I shared it with this statement “It does not have to be that hard if you use His Word and how He created things to figure out the truth. “Health facts” (that man figures out) keep changing, I have watched this for over 30 years. The way He created things has not changed. But man figures out one part and thinks he has thee answer for healthy eating. His creation is much more complex than the little things man figures out. Man cannot figure out how every little thing (aka chemical reactions, there are too many of them!) works in our bodies.Let’s look at few of the health claims and fads I remember over the past 30 years and compare them to how He created things and what His Word says! Keep in mind that these all were backed by “scientific studies”, and promoted by books and media.
• All cholesterol is bad ( 80’s), combat it with OAT BRAN!! Oh, what hype and fad!! Studies were published, books were written on it, the media reported it! You could buy oat bran in grocery stores and in bulk in food coops, it was eaten as porridge and added to almost all bakery items, boxed mixes and cereals, to “make them healthy”! Until several years later when it was shown to not lower cholesterol. But the anti all cholesterol phase continued for a while until it was discovered some cholesterol was good. Looking at how He created oat bran, it was part of the whole oat seed. Man isolated it out of the whole grain oat that He put it in, out of the protective packaging that He provided for it. In this case, fortunately this fad did not last more than several years, so negative effects were not observed as they may have been if it had gone on for longer, as has happened with many other health fads.
• All fat is bad, (late 80’s) , reduce or eliminate it from your diet. Some people did eliminate all fat from their diet, to the extent of even refusing to eat His whole foods that have fat (like avocado, olives, nuts and seeds) . If they did eat avocado, it was recommended to not eat more than a ¼ of one at a time because of the high fat content! Then is was realized that we do need healthy fats in our diets, and now some are even promoting high fat diets!
• All carbohydrates are to be avoided or reduced greatly! (late 90’s early 2000’s to current) This diet eliminates many of the whole foods that He provided for us! Need I say more? Then it came out that there are good and bad carbohydrates. The reason people felt so much better eliminating carbs is that they stopped eating refined, aka processed carbs, the bad ones.
• Whole grains, since high in fiber and nutrients, contribute to a healthy intestine and body. (80’s) Stories circulated of people getting healthier and losing weight just switching to whole grain bakery products. Now, the gluten in those whole grains, especially wheat, is blamed for many ailments, starting in the gut, and grains of any type except “ancient” are taboo! But the “gluten free” fad that followed this has put many people right back where they were, eating processed foods that are making them sick, while thinking they are eating healthy because it is “gluten free”.
• All gluten is bad. I am waiting for that to be changed to some good, some bad,…or all good, as has happen with all other “bad guys “ of food that I am showing here, but these are just a few examples. Already there is a lot of evidence that it is really the glyphosate sprayed on grains at harvesting that causes the problems gluten is blamed for. There is an even newer” culprits causing these problems” that I will share in the next article of this series.
• Spelt came out as better for you than wheat, “the Bible wheat”, was the hearsay in the 90’s. (we did not have PC’s to google things back then). There were some people who had problems with wheat that did not have problems with spelt. Several years ago when I researched it to see if, spelt was really the original grain ( or closer to Biblical wheat) I found information saying spelt was a hybrid of a hybrid, not close to the original wheat. But now it is one of the close- to- original wheats again! And there are several grains claimed as the original, depending on where you look.
• Following this has been the “ancient grains” fad, putting any grain that is different, and from all over the world, into a sacred category. They are supposed to be best for you ….until it is discovered that they are being grown or harvested in some wrong way and causing health issues, if not organically grown (yes, that is a prediction, based on years of observing how these things go, what happen to other grains) .
• Coconut oil is bad for you (in 90’s ) , then good for you the past 10 years, now some are saying it is bad for you again ( based on one characteristic of it!) All oils will be covered later in this series, but just to state the unthought of obvious, they are not a whole food, in His protective packaging .
• Sugar was clearly established as bad for you (70’s and before) , corn syrup looked better for a while ( 70’s and beyond) . But once it’s detriment to your health was discovered, and then corn was Genetically Modified (90’s) , then somehow cane sugar was better for you than corn syrup!!( they both cause the same problems, because they both have been extracted out of the protective package of His whole foods) . When eaten as He packaged them, they cannot be over eaten. He provided them in a protective package. But when we extract them, we are putting something in our bodies that He did not make our bodies be able to handle!
• The same can be said about most “healthy, plant based” sugars, most of them are the same as above, isolated out of His whole food protective packaging and therefore detrimental to our good health eaten more than very occasionally. The exceptions to being isolated foods are date sugar , which is dehydrated dates, and green stevia powder, which is dehydrated stevia leaves.
• I have watched laboratory produced sugar substitutes come and go, always introduced as a healthy alternative to sugar, but then after several years to a decade, their toxic effect on the body gets discovered.
• Then “raw” sugar came out (around turn of century?) ! How is that even raw?! It was still boiled down, just one less process to get out all the molasses. It is still isolated out of its protective packaging and causing all kinds of health problems.

So you see, the pendulum of study results and therefore the newest health information swings every 5-10 years from one extreme to another. That is why this video that promoted this post could be made stating this was why it is hard to eat healthy, the information keeps changing, how do you really know what is healthy? But the reality of how He created foods to nourish us does not change! He placed us in a garden and gave us a wide variety of delicious whole foods to enjoy. These foods provide good health. Most health and nutrition professionals agree on the need for lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, they vary on the other elements of diet, but they agree on that. We do not need to understand how every chemical reaction occurs in our bodies to be healthy. Indeed, we cannot possibly know all of these reactions, our bodies are way to complex. So, you do not have to worry about the latest studies, or worry about which processed foods are healthy, most are not. If you decide to eat His provision of whole foods, you do not need to read labels, since you will not be buying processed foods! Shopping for healthy food, His whole foods, is much simpler than shopping in the whole grocery store looking for not-so-unhealthy food. Instead you can mainly go to the produce section, or farmers market, or a local farmer’s yard.